This site introduces translation agencies by city in the US with the theme of demand for Japanese translation. As shown in the list on the agency by city home page, we believe that the rankings for demand for Japanese translation are:

1.Honolulu, HI

2.Los Angeles, CA

3.New York, NY

We have devised these rankings by comparing the number of Google searches for Japanese translation by city. It should be noted that the top ranking is well established but there is almost no difference between the rankings of 2 and below.Any city could be ranked 2nd. For this reason, our site presents its third party opinion and point of view concerning the rankings of 2 and below.

We introduce recommended translation agencies in each city but after they are posted on our site, the details of they may change. Please check the details before using any of the agencies, asking directly to the agencies. Please use this information only if you accept in advance that this website cannot provide compensation for any problems or losses, etc. that occur from using the information displayed.

How to choose a Japanese Language Company

1. Does the company have English to Japanese translations checked by native speakers?

It is important that translations are properly checked by a native speaker to make sure that the Japanese is natural. When a non-Japanese translator translates from English to Japanese, checking performed by a native speaker is indispensable because Japanese, in particular, is rich in expressive turns of phrase and a very good sense of the language is required in order to create natural Japanese. It is important to make sure that the translation company conducts these checks properly.

2. Does the company have experience/good performance in the field of translation that you require?

It is important to check that the company has sufficient experience/good performance in the field of translation that you require.

3. Does the company respond promptly?

Companies that do not respond promptly to your enquiry are unlikely to meet delivery deadlines for your translation if you ask them to do it. It can be said that a quick response to any request is an important point to take into consideration when choosing a company.

4. Does the company have full-time agents?

You will not be able to expect a personalized and adapted service if your contact at the company keeps changing. It is important to choose a company that has full-time agents who can give the best personalized response to your needs.

5. Does the company handle its obligations for confidentiality and personal information in the appropriate manner?

Does the company provide an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement)? How does the company handle personal information? Documents such as contracts, unreleased press releases and confidential texts must not be leaked under any circumstances. An important point in choosing a company is their handling of obligations of confidentiality and personal information.

6. Does the agency have professional expertise in Japanese - English/English - Japanese translation?

It is important that the agency specializes and that it is continually improving its expertise.

It is important to check the above 6 points before placing an order with a company. If the company is reputable, it will address any enquiries in a transparent manner.

Finally, once you have found the company that you want to use, we recommend that you utilize their free trial service. Almost all companies provide these. By requesting a free trial, it is possible, to a certain extent, to check the company's compatibility with your needs, the speed of its response and its competency.