Document List


Every translation company has its strengths and weaknesses. We recommend selecting a translation company with translators who have the specialist knowledge required by your field. You should start by making enquiries to translation companies.


Papers for submission, reports, abstracts, medical journals, Eastern medicine, Western medicine, psychology, nursing science, anatomy, anaesthesiology, surgery, internal medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, biostatistics, cardiology, endoscopy studies, prosthesiology, endocrinology, dermatology, toxicology, immunology, sports medicine, biotechnology, nutritional science, etc.


Clinical records, examination and treatment records, medical certificates, instructions/package inserts/labels for pharmaceuticals, non-clinical-, clinical- and clinical trial-related documents, explanatory documents, approval documents, medical-related contracts, R&D, documents for new drug applications, application documents, anti-cancer drugs, all types of guidelines, etc.

■Medical Equipment

Medical equipment usage manuals, package inserts, product pamphlets, product instructions, approval and authorization documents, glasses, contact lenses, syringes, thermometers, hearing aids, blood pressure monitors, electronic massagers, ventilators, anaesthesia apparatus, catheters, feeding tubes, image processing for X-rays, CTs and MRIs, pacemakers, artificial joints, head prosthesis, dialysis equipment, electronic endoscopes, biological information monitors, image diagnosis equipment, contract medium injectors, radiation therapy equipment, all-purpose infusion pumps, clinical examination equipment, electrical scalpels, home-use electrical treatment equipment, nursing supplies, assistive products, etc.


Foodstuffs, health foods, supplements, cosmetics, agricultural chemicals, veterinary drugs, approval and authorization documents, product pamphlets, product instructions, medical IT, patents, etc.


Every translation company has its strengths and weaknesses. We recommend selecting a translation company with translators who have the specialist knowledge required by your field. You should start by making enquiries to translation companies.


Software licensing agreements, patent licensing agreements, import licensing agreements, sales licensing agreements, trademark licensing agreements, production licensing agreements, copyright licensing agreements, etc.


Service delivery agreements, employment contracts, joint research and development agreements, outsourcing agreements, production outsourcing agreements, development outsourcing agreements, material supply agreements, retail agreements, merchandise consignment and sales agreements, franchising agreements, agency agreements, contracts of guarantee, contract documents, confidentiality agreements, technical cooperation agreements, maintenance/management agreements, contract cancellations, consulting agreements, M&A agreements (joint management, transfer of shares, transfer of assets), settlement contracts, insurance contracts, securities contracts, financing agreements, business-to-business loan agreements, contracts between shareholders, share purchasing agreements, affiliation agreements, freight transport outsourcing agreements, sponsoring agreements, OEM agreements, part-time employment contracts, company housing contracts, job transfer agreements, construction contracts, audit agreements, publishing agreements, etc.

■Real Estate

Rental contracts, real estate lease contracts, real estate purchase agreements, land sale contracts, real estate donation contracts, tenancy agreements, store lease contracts, office lease contracts, property management, real estate appraisal, etc.


Bills of Lading (B/L), charter parties, loan agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, marriage contracts, engagement contracts, intellectual property agreements, digital media agreements, publishing agreements, letters of consent to appear in advertisements, music licensing agreements, golf club membership rights purchasing agreements, automobile purchasing agreements, automobile lease contracts, parking place lease agreements, promissory notes, engagement agreements, etc.


The field of technical translations is very wide-ranging and new technologies are created one after the other. This list does not cover the whole field. Every translation company has its strengths and weaknesses. We recommend selecting a translation company with translators who have the specialist knowledge required by your field. You should start by making enquiries to translation companies.


Science and technology theses, nanotechnology, biotechnology, life sciences, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, neuroscience, particle beams, iPS cells, ES cells, organic crystals, interfacial/colloid chemistry, oceanography, biology, Higgs boson, etc.


Energy/environment theses, biomass energy, solar power generation, wind power generation, hydroelectric power generation, geothermal power generation, solar thermal power generation, green energy, nuclear energy, radioactive waste, geological disposal, fossil fuels, energy-saving technology, shale gas, environmental pollution, conservation of electricity, greenhouse gases, recycling, industrial waste, dioxins, etc.


Space technology, rockets, space elevator, planetariums, man-made satellites, ISS, communications satellites, astronomical observation, astronomical observatories, aviation technology, planetary exploration, astronaut’s speeches, etc.


Electricity, electrical engineering, electronic equipment, electrical construction, power electronics, lighting, automatic control, mechatronics, railway power, motors, electrical power distribution equipment, transformers, electric vehicles, industrial robots, etc.

■Other fields

Theses in other technical fields, reports, instructions, manuals, papers, bulletins, journals, periodicals, pamphlets, patents, etc.


The speed of progress in the IT field is remarkable and new services are developed every day due to the expansion of the network environment. Translation companies are required to be able to respond to these changes so they work hard to acquire the latest information.

Please feel free to make enquiries to translation companies even for fields that are not listed below.


Applications for all industry types, SaaS, groupware, image processing, video image processing, DTP, CAD/CAM, image software, security software, e-books, software for creating electronic documents, software for creating music, operating systems, e-learning, PLM software catalogues, etc.


CPUs, ROMs, memory cards, USBs, satellite communications, mobile platforms, semi-conductor equipment, etc.

■Peripheral equipment

Printer, scanners, displays, storage, projectors, supercomputers, gaming equipment specifications, etc.


Internet, network equipment, servers, protocols, security, PDAs, optical fibre communication, digital communication, smartphones, tablets, etc.

■Other fields

Big data, cloud computing, databases, online shopping websites, electronic payments, help files, internet banking, etc.