It is hard to search and find a good (if possible, the best) Japanese Translation Services company to your need. In general, you would like to have a good quality, competitive price, and reliable support including fast mail reply. There are so many companies listed up in Google search. This site helps you to find good companies in several big US cities where you may live or visit. Even if you ask a translation through online, it is a part of our recommendation for you to work with a company which physically exist in your neighborhood. Unlike some typical web only companies who can never come back to you in case of trouble, locally existed companies are much more reliable to help your need.

In summary, we highly suggest following 5 points to select a proper Japanese Translation Services company to your needs.

1. Japanese language translations are checked by native speakers to ensure native-level standard

2. Accumulated experience and good results

3. Prompt and professional response practices

4. Good customer support system

5. Appropriate confidentiality and personal information protection policies

Demand by city

※Ask directly to each company if you have any question.

Honolulu, HI:Hawaii-Japanese Translation Services


The majority of demand for translation to and from Japanese in the US is in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Our best recommendation is Hawaii-Japanese Translation Services due to the reasonable/competitive pricing and quick communication. Japanese language site for Japanese people living overseas with the additional advantage of payment in dollars, is very attractive.




legal contract, tourism, real estate, business, food menu, restaurants menu, weather, sport, surfing, golf, banking, finance, accounting, fruit, farming, agriculture, fishing, coffee, ice-cream, tropical, shopping, sightseeing, guidance, guide, food menus, maps, souvenirs, hotel


【Feature Service】


1) The company focuses only in Japanese/English translation unlike many other companies, which offer multi language translation. Due to this deep concentration of two pair languages, the company has very professional knowledge in Linguistics that gives a precise.

2) Many and experienced professional translators work to support you. In addition, the strong collaboration with one of leading Translation company in Japan. It makes possible to translate many different fields in high quality.

3) You can contact to this company (HJTS) by 808 local number because the company has local team physically in Honolulu to support your business.

4) Very quick reaction and competitive price.

5) A professional coordinator takes care of you from the first contact to the delivery.


【Main Service areas】

  • Downtown, honolulu, Hawaii
  • Waikiki
  • Ala Moana
  • McCully - Moiliili
  • Kaka'ako
  • Hawaii Kai
  • Makiki - Lower Punchbowl - Tantalus
  • Kalihi - Palama
  • Aliamanu - Salt Lakes - Foster Village
  • Kaimukī
  • Mānoa
  • Palolo
  • Waialae - Kahala
  • Nuuanu - Punchbowl
  • Liliha - Kapalama
  • Kuliouou - Kalani Iki
  • Aina Haina
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Honolulu International Airport(HNL)
  • Daniel K. Inouye International Airport
  • Hilo, Hawaii

A statue of King Kamehameha at Aliiolani Hale, downtown, Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu International Airport, now named as Daniel K. Inouye International Airport

Ala Moana area view from Waikiki side. Adding new stores and condos in Ala Moana shopping Mall, plus many tall appartment buildings

Kaka’ako new shopping complex

Many new buildings are coming up in Kaka’ako area where used to be traditional commercial district in Honolulu, Hawaii

Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hamburger Lunch at Beach restaurant, Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

Coco Head view from Kahala Hotel beach, Honolulu, Hawaii

Los Angeles, CA:L.A.Translation


Los Angeles has the largest Little Tokyo in the US and is twinned with the Japanese city of Nagoya. There are plenty of restaurants and services aimed at Japanese people. Los Angeles has a very deep connection with Japan and also boasts the Japanese American National Museum. There are many requirements for translation to and from Japanese for Hollywood movies and content.

The company provides Chat communication for easy access in addition to regular email and telephone. Also it covers minor languages like Vietnamese to attract many different users.



Multi Language (over200)

Document, Patent, Legal/Contract, Website, Localization, menu

【Feature Service】

1) Translation and Interpretation in over 200 languages of the world

2) Over half the Fortune 500 companies are in our client list

3) Provides top quality document translation in many forms such as Word, PDF, PPT, Photoshop, excel.

4) Contact at 213 area code locally

5) Designate a proper translator to your document among over 4000 translators./

San Francisco, CA:Divergent-Language Solutions


San Francisco is twinned with the Japanese city of Osaka and has a Japanese community and Japan Town. The name of the Yomiuri Giants, a professional Japanese baseball team, comes from the San Francisco Major League Baseball team, the Giants. One aspect of San Francisco is that it is home to many Japanese immigrants and there is a Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. San Francisco’s Japan Town bustles and there are many services for Japanese immigrants.

Very effective site to the point of your needs. The top page has a free estimate window for translation costs. Their speedy response is very appreciated, too.



Multi Language (over 200)

Mainly Legal, Financial, Corporate, Technical documents


【Feature Service】

1) Specializing in legal, financial, corporate and technical document with a combined 90 years of experience.

2) 24/7 availability

3) All projects are tracked using state-of-the-art translation management system

4) The company will work to structure the most cost effective pricing solution. Very transparent

5) Bay area local 415 area code access

New York, NY:inlingua


New York is twinned with the capital of Japan, Tokyo. It is the most popular US destination for Japanese people after Hawaii. There are many branch offices of Japanese companies in New York and a great demand for translation to and from Japanese. The home of musicals, it is a city that has a great interest in the Japanese language and there has been a recent increase in exposure to traditional Japanese performing arts such as Kabuki. New York also has many vegans and vegetarians which has created more interest in Japanese cuisine.

The famous language school manages the translation company so that the quality of translation is no doubt. In addition to NY office, they have an office in New Jersey. It is very convenient for the users in NY and NJ area.




Medical and healthcare, IT, Legal/Patents, HR, Corporate, Marketing,


【Feature Service】

1) Offering top quality translation in New York and New Jersey local area

2) Location at 551 Fifth Ave. New York and 171 E. Ridgewood Ave. Ridgewood, NJ

3) Translations executed by professional language translators who have specific expertise in a wide variety of industries.

4) On-time delivery

5) Translation from the romance languages to the more diversified and remote languages

San Diego, CA:Language Translation, Inc.


San Diego is twinned with the Japanese city of Yokohama and many Japanese tourists visit Los Angeles and San Diego on the same trip. IT, biotechnology and medical equipment companies, etc. are on the increase and the city’s connection with the Japan is deep as there are many world-famous research institutes and Japanese factories.

Their translation on sound and motion media is highly notable. It is specially recommendable for the translation of professional presentation and video making.



Multi languages (over 60)

Medical, Tech, Legal and others


【Feature Service】

1) Contact at area code 619 locally in San Diego

2) Translations over 60 languages

3) Good at Medical, Tech, Legal

4) The company has approximately 25 years of experience, working for many Fortune 500 companies such as Sony, Fedex, HP, and many public services firms like California Department of Transportation, Department of Homeland Security, US Air Force/Army, in addition to medium/small companies

5) Translation Certification can be issued with small amount of fee.

Seattle, WA:The Academy of Languages Translation and Interpretation Services


Due to the Ichiro (Japanese major league baseball player) effect, ties between Seattle and Japan have strengthened, even although Ichiro has now transferred to New York. Seattle is the closest US mainland city to Japan and is popular for real estate investment from Japan. In addition, Seattle-style coffee (Starbucks, Tully’s) are popular in Japan.

The translation of legal and medical fields is very popular among many customers. The site has photographs of company members, giving friendly and trustable atmosphere. It is worth to contact them if you are in Seattle/WA region.




Brochures , Business Cards , Contracts , Desktop Publishing , Employee Handbooks , Legal Documents , Marketing Materials , Personal Documents , Product Packaging , Scientific & Medical Documents , Website Localization , Technical Manuals


【Feature Service】

1) Translation over 50 languages including Japanese

2) Local contact at area code 206 and its main office is on First Ave, Seattle, Washington

3) Especially strong in Business, Technical, Legal, Medical fields

4) High quality standard of translation; translated document fit so flawlessly into the new cultural environment that a native speaker cannot tell it originated elsewhere.

5) Manual translation- No machine translation

Houston, TX:TransLangCo

Houston is famous for its NASA Johnson Space Center. Another name for it is Space City. Many people in Japan will be familiar with it through the manga “Space Brothers” which is a huge hit in Japan. It boasts both the Port of Houston, the largest trading port in the US and a United Airlines hub airport (George Bush Intercontinental Airport), making it an important point for traffic. Houston is a global city that plays host to many consulates from all over the world including that of Japan.

The company is certified by WBEN (Women’s Business Enterprise) National Council. And the company offers language courses for anyone who would like to study foreign languages.




Contracts , Proposals , Manuals , Patents , Transcripts , Brochures , Transcriptions , Editing , Websites , Certificates , Proofreading , Advertising Material , Legal Documents , Technical Documents , Tape Transcription , Multimedia Presentations


【Feature Service】

1) Local contact at area code 713

2) Main office is on Katy Freeway, Houston, TX

3) Over 15 years of professional translation service

4) ATA certified translators give high quality translation into many languages.

Chicago, IL:Trusted Translations, Inc. Chicago


Commonly known as the “Windy City”, Chicago is one of the United States’ most important metropolitan areas with the 3rd largest population and the largest city in Illinois. The Chicago metropolitan area is within the top 30 most populous in the world with approximately 10 million people. Chicago holds an important position in the world’s economic arena being one of the top global financial centers.



Multi Languages (over 200)

Legal, Financial, Medical, Tech, Manual translations


【Feature Service】

1) Not only Translation but also Online Marketing, Interpretation services are offered

2) Authority in Spanish/English translation Services

3) Covering all kinds of field such as Legal, Financial, Business and Medical translations

4) Competitive pricing

5) Local contact number at 773 area code

Atlanta, GA:ALTA language Services


Atlanta holds the world headquarters of Coca-Cola, CNN and Delta Airlines. As the State capital of Deep South state, Atlanta is well-known by the novel “Gone with the wind”. Due to the climate, the city is also called as Hot Lanta. Atlanta also was the important city in the time of Civil War as the central region of Confederate army.



Multi Languages (over 100)

Document, Legal, HR, Tech, Marketing and Business


【Feature Service】

1) Local number contact by 404 area code

2) Language Training classes online Service

3) Accent Reduction Training offered in online

4) Interpretation Service is offered On-site or Over the phone in 24/7.

Denver, CO:Bridge Languages


Denver is known as the mile high city and the state capital of Colorado. There are many winter sports resorts around the city, which attract lots of tourists. Denver Broncos (NFL), Colorado Rockies(MLB), Denver Nuggets(NBA), Colorado Avalanche(NFL), Colorado Rabbits(MLS) and Denver Barbarians(RSL) are Denver Home Sports teams.



Multi Languages (over 80)

Document, Website, Certified and Legal, Industry Specialties translations


【Feature Service】

1) In addition to Translation Services, the company offers Interpretation and Language Training

2) Voice-Over and Transcription services are offered as unique feature

3) Local number contact al 303

4) The office welcomes customer visits which locates between Littleton and the center of Denver

Miami, FL:Mincor, Inc.


Miami is a gateway to Latin America. Due to this nature, there are many Translation companies for Spanish / English. Approximately a half of Miami population is Cuban related people. The city, from Key Biscayne to MIA International, and from famous Miami Beach to Art Deco District in South Beach, is full of actions with Latin hot culture.



Limited Multi Languages (approx. 10+)

Specialty in Books, Business and Tech fields


【Feature Service】

1) Serious translation from/to selected language parings

2) Accepting many different formats document like MS Word, HTML, InDesign and FrameMaker

3) Translation of Books are specially featured including several Bestseller

4) With over 18 years of translation history and due to the location in South Florida, many Spanish translations have been done by the company in all kinds of fields

Dallas, TX:Avalon Professional translation


Texas is the second largest state after Alaska but most of all Texas people love “the biggest thing”. Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the largest metropolitan area in the States. From the geographical reason, close to Mexico with the long border line, there are strong connection to Spanish language.



Multi Languages (over 60)

Document, Website, Certified and Legal, Industry Specialties translations


【Feature Service】

1) Onsite interpreting-Conference, Legal or Medical

2) Assistance with US Immigration applications, forms, and requests

3) Telephone Interpreting in more than 140 languages

4) DVD and Video production